Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Role of Education

The honorable of the adjudicators
The honorable of all the audiences and also the contestans who have already been here. 

Assalamu Alaikum WR.WB
Let me first of all say thanks to Allah SWT who has given me a nice chance so that we are able to meet in this humble place and also thanks to our beloved teacher who has given me an opportunity to deliver my speech under the topic “The Role Of Education”. 

But before doing so, lets send salawat and salam to our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness.

Ladies and gentlement
Talking about education. Education is one of the important things in our life because without education we will be lost and left behind. In our daily life. We can see there are sieficant difference between an educated one. An educated person will be more polite, open mind and wise when they are cooperating or socializing with others people in their enuironment. But un-educated one, sometimes they can not cooperate or socialisize with others people well because they have their own way. Sometimes, when they are in trouble, an educated person will solve introuble  by mind but an educated one by power and strength. 

Ladies and gentlement
Trought this forum I would like to remind you that education is very necessary in our life. Keep in your mind that not most of people can be a student like you all. There are millions of people out side want to be a student or an educated person but they can not, because they have no enought money and supports from their parents. So be thanksfull for your parents. 

Finally, at the end of my speech I would like to emphasize you that don’t wait, start right now, get up and do your best. Work hard and fight till end, then opportunity will come just in time so don’t waste your time for nothing beneficial. 

Ladies and gentlement
I think that’s all for my speech today, and I’m going to say thank you very much.    

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